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The Smoker / The Employer - Why Workplace Smoking Cessation Program?

To quit smoking is the single most important step a person can take to improve their health and well being. The problem is many individuals attempt to quit smoking using nicotine replacement or other methods without a personalized plan or clinical support. This reduces the success rate significantly. In fact, many individuals continue to smoke cigarettes while using nicotine replacement. Over 400,000 Americans die each year from smoking related diseases, that's more than AIDS, alcohol, car accidents, fires, illegal drugs, murders and suicide combined. Pack a day smokers spend more than $2,000 a year on cigarettes. Smoking is a problem not only for people who smoke but for the companies that employ them. Smokers have 50% absenteeism rates, and cost employers approximately $3,600 per year more in health and life insurance costs and claims, absenteeism and lost productivity.


Premier Care Corporate Smoking Cessation Program uses a combination of education, personalized planning, behavior modification technologies and ongoing support for your employees. The program is provided onsite by Quit Smoking Specialists at your location making it convenient for your employees.


Our smoking cessation program will  generate substantial benefits to you in the areas of medical care, absenteeism, on-the-job   productivity, and life insurance. It achieves positive return on investment, high program participation, and high tobacco cessation rates. The employer cost for the program is $525 and provides a two(2) hour on-site smoking cessation program at your facility and twice weekly follow-up group sessions at the Premier Care office for four weeks and ongoing telephone support for the employee and immediate family members.